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Residential Surveillance

Residential video surveillance systems are quickly becoming a common solution for home owners to monitor and secure their property. In addition to the peace of mind, security cameras provide the evidence you are looking for.


WebWatchdogs offers turn key solutions for any size home. We provide custom design and installation using affordable and effective surveillance camera equipment to specifically meet your needs. Our systems start at 4 camera systems and can goes as high as 16 cameras.


All of our systems have the capability of secure remote viewing from a lap top,  iPhone or Droid via the Internet. Unlike some companies, WebWatchdogs does not monitor or have any kind of access to your system. You are the only one who has access and control of your video data.


Surveillance cameras are professionally installed in locations at your home or business. The cameras are configured to record to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that YOU will manage. WebWatchdogs does not monitor your system. Systems can be configured to back up the video at multiple remote locations if desired. The high resolution security cameras used are designed to see during the day and night in very low light conditions. The video activity recorded around your property can be saved and used as video evidence to present to authorities. The surveillance systems are very user friendly and part of the service is a training session to fully prepare you to use the system to protect your home or business.

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